CRNKL! marks the premiere of a series of products designed by members of Berlin’s Designers’ Network CREATE BERLIN.Martina Zeyen developed this product together with Flip Sellin/Coordination, Daniel Wahl/weltunit and Ulrich Merz.

CRNKL! is not a designer lampshade in a classical sense but aims to challenge its future owner to become the designer themselves. A scarf-size piece of recyclable spunbounded fabric is decorated with a grid of 36 small magnets. These allow the users to decorate the lampshade around every existing luminaire in whatever way they chose. The only requirement is the use of luminaires with low heat emission. The rather cold light of energy saving lightbulbs is transformed into a warm, soft glow through the lampshade’s fabric.

Like in every network, it is also possible to connect multiple CRNKL!s together to form a new, larger object from the sum of its parts. Long tubular lights can thus be used for illumination just as well as LED fixtures – on their own or combined in larger groups. CRNKL! works without any wiring or fixture of its own and can thus be packed in a small, delivery-friendly format.

CRNKL! comes without any wiring or fixture. Do not use any incandescent lamps or halogen lamps!

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